WordPress is a free, open source content management system (CMS) that can be utilized to create a website, blog or app. This open source software tool gives the individual the freedom to use, customize, build upon and redistribute the software in any way they may desire.

Because it is easy-to-use, WordPress is a popular option for beginners as well as those with a multitude of technical experience.

Once installed, WordPress users have access to thousands of themes to assist them in building their website, blog or app. The individual also has the option of creating their own theme, if they so choose. Extra functionality can be achieved through the use of plugins, allowing the user to customize during the design process.

WordPress is unique in the sense that the user benefits from that vast number of designers and developers associated with the system. It is this association that has resulted in the creation of the multitude of tutorials, plugins and design themes that makes using the system as effortless as possible.

WordPress is steadily advancing in popularity and is fast becoming the platform of choice for many. It's ease of use, fantastic functionality and vast options for customization makes utilizing WordPress an attractive proposition.

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