Website Design

Website design is sometimes defined simply as the practice of creating websites. When the topic is examined further, it doesn't take one long to understand that there are several phases that are involved in the process of website design.

The first phase in the website design process involves a clear definition of the project. Analyzing the scope of the project comes into play during this phase as it is crucial to know the goals of the customer. What does the customer want to accomplish and who do they wish to target? These factors are essential to the planning phase of website design. When analyzed correctly, this information will provide the customer with a clear set of expectations in relation to project timelines and deliverables.

The information gathered during the planning phase will be applied during the design and development phases of the project. Visual design and technical development is utilized to design and develop a prototype that matches those conditions identified by the customer, as being important. The customer should have access to the prototype during its design and development. Customer access enhances transparency and provides for a step by step approval mechanism that benefits both parties. Providing "real-time" access to the customer can serve to keep them engaged during the stages of design and development while reassuring them that the end product will meet their expectations.

After the website is developed, it enters testing phase of the process. The focus at this phase is on functionality and ease of use. If anything is found not to perform as desired, it will be corrected. Continued testing will take place until the website functions appropriately.

The final phase of the process involves the maintenance of the website. This includes any updates required by the customer as well as any future changes on an as needed basis. If any technical issues arise after the product is delivered, these too will be fixed to the satisfaction of the customer.

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