Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is an internet marketing system that when utilized can increase the visibility of a website.

Though mostly paid advertising, search engine marketing serves to improve a websites visibility in relation by its placement on search engine result pages (SERPs). SEM is utilized to increase the chances that a user will be connected to a website by placing it prominently on the page when a related search occurs.

Search engine marketing can be enhanced by the strategies of retargeting, mobile targeting and geo-targeting. Retargeting focuses on reaching the individual based on their previous search engine queries.

Mobile targeting serves to promote products and services to those using mobile phones, smartphones or other handheld devices. Text, graphics and voice messaging are often used to target this user group.

Geo-targeting is an AdWords feature that targets potential customers in a specific location. Groups of locations can also be targeted using this feature. Geo-targeting can be a more economical marketing approach since it targets individuals based on their internet and close proximity to the product or service offered.

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