Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design can be described as a web design approach that maximizes the viewing experience of the user, regardless of the size of the electronic device being used.

Responsive web design makes it possible to create a single website that can be viewed, in a similar way, on everything from a large desktop monitor to a modest smartphone. Responsive web design consists of a responsive code that allows the website being viewed to adapt/adjust to the size of the device of the user.

Responsive web design is an important design philosophy for meeting the ever changing technological needs of users. It caters to mobile devices, allowing for faster load times and an improved user experience. In a world with millions of smartphone users, it's imperative that website developers provide content in a form that is flexible and easy to access. Providing a responsive design increases the reach of a website or application by making it available to an ever growing number of PC, tablet and smartphone users.

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