ASP.NET MVC stands for Model View Controller. MVC is a very useful software development methodology that enhances code usability. Another objective of MVC is to implement separation of concerns, which is a crucial component of the layered application building process. It is a very popular methodology, because it allows developers to drastically reduce the time it takes them to develop applications with user interfaces.

MVC is made up by three parts. These parts are the model, the view and the controller.

The model can be described as containing the brains of the methodology. It represents the data and the data management of the application.

The view can be described as user interface component of the methodology. The view is the presentation element that takes data from the model and makes it suitable for display.

The controller is responsible for linking the user and the system. The controller sends a direction to the model, which results in the completion of a specific task. This is then sent back to the controller before being displayed using one of the views available in the software.

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