Custom Software Development

Custom software development is the designing of unique software applications. These unique software applications conform to the specific needs of a group, organization or individual user. Custom software can provide a group, organization or individual user with several advantages over ready to use off the shelf software products.

Off the shelf software is developed according to a standardized format. This type of software is made available to a broad customer base with fundamentally similar needs. As a result, off the shelf software may result in requiring the user to change their process to fit the software.

Since custom software is specifically tailored to meet business and technology needs, its use can lead to increased productivity. The end result is achieved because a custom made system can perform tasks that off the shelf competitor systems don't.

When designing custom software, a Comprehensive Project Plan can be a useful tool in the process. The (CPP) should explain all of the ideas, features and functions that are to be included in the application. The desired ideas, features and functions should be as detailed as possible so that the software developed performs according to specifications. Project templates can be utilized to make it easier to define a project and facilitate a Comprehensive Project Plan.

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