CSS stands for cascading style sheets. CSS is a style sheet language utilized by website developers to format the layout of webpages.

Standardized webpage elements such as colors, fonts and spacing can all be easily controlled using a CSS file. CSS is indispensable because it allows a documents content to be separated from the style applied to it. In the past when using HTML, formatting, styling and content were linked together. This made making changes to a website document very tedious and time consuming. CSS allows a website or documents content to be separated from how it looks. This can be helpful because the style of a website or document can be altered without any of the content on the page being affected.

CSS works to provide the web developer with more control over the look and style of a website or document. It increases flexibility and consistency while eliminating the code redundancy that existed with HTML. Cascading style sheets offer web designers the ability to implement consistent formatting in relation to a single document, website or between different sites. It is a useful option that saves time, is easy to maintain and is superior to HTML.

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