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Reston Anesthesia Associates
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MediaLive Interactive successfully collaborated with the doctors at Reston Anesthesia Associates, P.C. to develop their very first corporate website! Reston Anesthesia Associates, P.C., has been the sole provider of anesthesia services for Reston Hospital Center since it's opening in 1986. Our scope of service consists of anesthesia for surgery, labor pain from childbirth, as well as numerous diagnostic and endoscopic procedures.


My experience with Medialive Interactive Corporation exceeded all my expectations. They seamlessly guided me through the design, construction and implementation processes. And they did so on budget and ahead of schedule!

When I started this journey I envisioned a long arduous process requiring numerous hours of conversation and explanations of healthcare. I could not have been more wrong. During the developmental process, they went above and beyond with their research and keen analysis of the program. I never knew that they were not in the healthcare industry. Medialive kept me continually engaged in the process and they were able to improve upon many aspects of my original design. They were always available for questions and displayed the utmost professionalism.

I could not be more pleased with the process and product and will not even consider another company for my next project. Medialive Interactive has won a customer for life.

Dr. Richard Hetherington Founder
Reston Anesthesia Associates